Vegan Baseball Dates

Baseball season is back, and nothing says ballpark food like a hotdog and popcorn. My boyfriend, Shawn, and I make a point to go to at least a few Jays games in a season. The game is a nice date night out that we both really enjoy. We take the train into Toronto and find a hot dog vendor outside the stadium to fill us up before we head inside. I was pleasantly surprised last season by how many vendors sold veggie dogs, and at similar prices to the regular hot dogs.


We try to resist buying food from inside the Rogers Centre (as vegans, we can’t eat much anyway), but we can’t resist buying a beer (or two) to sip on.

If we’re not going to the game, sometimes we make a date night out of watching the game at home. To recreate the ballpark feel, we both put on our Jays jerseys and hats, crack open some beers, and cook up some vegan baseball food.

Although veggie dogs are good, we absolutely love veggie sausages, and especially crave the Tofurky brand.



After we’re done our sausages, we pop our own popcorn kernels in a pot with a little oil. Instead of the buttery flavour, we keep it simple with a little salt and a little sugar to give the popcorn a salty, sweet flavour (I thought Shawn was crazy when he first told me he puts salt and sugar on his popcorn, but it’s actually delicious, and healthier than adding butter or margarine).



Whether we go to the game, or watch it from home, we both really enjoy making a date out of the Jays games, and mixing in some delicious vegan food makes it that much more special!



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