Reuse Reuse Reuse


I’m always looking for ways to repurpose items to put them to good use. I had an empty wall area above my fireplace, and didn’t have much money to go out and buy a nice picture, so I took some old records I had lying around and pinned up the covers.


Some more repurposed items above my fireplace are the three mason jars sitting on the mantle. I use these three mason jars to showcase different cards or post cards that I received or collected. For an extra little touch, I even tied some twine around the top of the jars.


I was looking for a pot to put my plant in, and instead of buying a new one, I used a can from my recycling bin. I was originally going to paint the can (I’ve seen some painted ones online that look really cute) but ended up liking the shiny silver look.


These are just a few items in my apartment that I have reused to add a decorative touch, I’d love to hear about your ideas of what you’ve reused. Send me your pics with a brief description to to have them showcased in another reuse reuse reuse blog post!


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