Alternatives to honey for a vegan diet


Everybody knows that honey comes from bees, but not everybody knows or cares about the process.

To make a long story short, bees make honey and store it as winter food; humans exploit bees for their honey.

Yes, honey is sweet, and it tastes good, but there are many alternatives that taste just as good, or better.


Agave syrup is produced form several species of agave plants, and is sweeter than honey. Its consistency is thinner than honey so it flows a bit quicker, and it can even dissolve in cold beverages.


Maple syrup of course, comes from maple trees. The trees are tapped to collect their sap. The sap is then heated to evaporate the water, leaving the concentrated syrup.  According to the nutritional facts chart, maple syrup is also rich in vitamins and minerals.



Brown rice syrup is made by cooking brown rice flour or brown rice starch with enzymes. The syrup is filtered, and excess water is evaporated, making its consistency thick. This syrup is half as sweet as sugar.


Although it can be quite expensive, date sugar, made of dried dates, is a good alternative to honey or sugar. Date sugar does not dissolve into drinks or melt, but can be used to crumble on top of dishes like oatmeal.


Raw unrefined sugar is made from the juice of the sugar cane plant. When sugar is refined, all of the nutrients are stripped away. If you want to use cane sugar as a sweetener, then raw unrefined sugar is a better choice.


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