DIY: Stenciling on a picture

You can easily bring an old picture back to life by painting on a word or quote. I found this particular picture, frame and all, at a thrift shop, and thought it would look great with a quote written on it.

The quote I chose to paint on was “Make Your Own Luck,” inspired by skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek’s brand.

Because I’m thrifty, I did not go out and buy stencils. I went on, typed in my quote, and it generated a stencil for me.


Once I printed it out, I cut out the letters using an exacto knife. If you want to use scissors, I recommend printing very large letters, as it’s hard to cut out small letters.

I then taped my stencil onto my picture, grabbed some white paint, and painted in the letters. Here’s the final result!


Because I used a paper stencil, the paint bled around the edges, creating a messier result (which I like). If you want cleaner letters, I suggest printing your stencils on thicker paper, or buying stencils from the store.


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