Book Review: Vegan Food Gifts


I went to the library today, not really knowing what I was looking for. I figured punching in “Vegan” on the library’s browser would be a good start. Instead of looking through the book titles on the computer, I decided to write down the code of the first vegan book I saw, and head down to that section.

There was a variety of vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, but one book in particular caught my eye. I pulled out the book “Vegan Food Gifts,” by Joni Marie Newman, and sat down at a table to look it over.

Not only does this book give you yummy-looking vegan recipes including banana nut bread, tofu jerky, and s’more brownies, but it also gives you DIY packaging methods so you can give someone a vegan food gift!

 “Besides turning the world vegan (no small task!), I also plan on furthering the DIY gift movement,” Newman wrote in the book’s introduction. “When you make gifts yourself, you save the animals, you save the planet, and you say no to corporate greed, all in one fell swoop!”

The book has a grading system that lets you know the level of difficulty, cost, and speed/quantity of the project. Most projects are easy, inexpensive (under $5), and quick to do, and Newman also included pages of paper cut-outs (tags, recipe cards) to use with your DIY packaging.


The book is laid out very neatly, with a lot of large pictures to give you an idea of what the recipe looks like, and how you can gift wrap it. If you want to do a some vegan cooking, want some DIY craft inspiration, and want to give someone the gift of vegan treats, I’d suggest taking a look at this book.



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